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Italian Queen Bees

Italian Queen Bees

Carnolians Queen Bees

Carnolian Queen Bees

Queen Cells

Queen Cells

Our queens are produced in a small Northern California town called Richvale, which is about 90 miles north of Sacramento. Northern California is known for it's high quality queen production. At Buzz's Bees we take no short cuts in order to raise the best queens possible.


  • Italian

    Our Italian Breeder Queens are tested queens that we have used for our honey and pollination hives. We select breeder queens that exhibit traits of gentleness, honey production, and both hygienic and disease resistant. They must also be a high volume egg layer with a excellent brood pattern.

  • Carnolian

    Our Carnolian Queens are for a beekeeper in cooler climates that have long cold winders. These queens over winter smaller cluster and need less feed during the winter months. They have a very fast build up in the spring and are great honey producers. They must also pass the test of gentleness, hygienic and disease resistance with a excellent brood pattern. All Carnolian queens are mated with our Italian drones to bring in some hybrid vigor.

Queen Cells

Both Carnolian and Italian Queen Cells are available for pick-up during spring. We require a 72 hour notice and they must be picked up in the early morning. Cells are $9 each.

Queen Bee Pricing

Quantity Price
1-9 $31/ea
10-25 $29/ea
26-49 $28/ea
50+ $27/ea
100+ $26/ea

Marking: Add $2/queen

3-Hole Cage: Add $2/queen over 10 queens

We are now taking orders for 2018. Please call for more information, or view our packages

HoneycombHygienic bee testing

Hygienic testing for potential breeder queens

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