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Buzz Landon grew up helping his father Skip Landon with his bee business. Skip Landon was a side-line beekeeper running 300-500 hives for pollination and honey production. This is where Buzz got his education into the business. In 1997, in the trade of work, Skip set Buzz up with his first beehives. Upon graduation from high school Buzz attended California State University, Chico majoring in Plant and Soil Science and running his bees. In the fall of 2001 Skip decided to retire from the bee business and Buzz purchased his operation.

After graduating from CSUC Buzz spent the next four years managing a rice farm while trying to maintain his bee operation. Buzz and his wife Nicole spent evenings and weekends maintaining the hives and raising a few queens to add to their operation. In the winter of 2001 Buzz decided he could not continue to manage the rice farm and run his business. So he quit his managing job and started raising queens and packages for sale.

Today Buzz and Nicole run 2000 hives producing honey and queens and supplying pollination services to area farmers, while trying to keep up with their 3 children.

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